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The Roots of my life go back as far as my Great Grandfather.  Gardening is a gene that has been passed down in my family from generation to generation.  It serves as a metaphor for life.  Deep strong roots keep you firmly grounded in tradition, passion and happiness!

For years, I have served as a helpful role to those seeking inspiration, help, or advice. In 2020,  I finally decided to own that role and be intentional about it. I started writing about my passions, my thoughts, and curious wonderings about our society. I founded A farm girls life! with a mission to give others a taste of what goes on in my mind, and it has been a wild success ever since.

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Midnight Rendezvous 1

Hey my friend's, especially my Collie friend's! So we have had a very long, very busy week! To continue from my last post I found a Vet Clinic in Strafford MO who do the progesterone test and process it in house 🏠! They are a vet that specializes in animal reproduction! So I loaded up my Honey on Wednesday morning and took her down there, ( it is a 2 hour drive 🚗 south east from our house to the clinic in Strafford MO. We got there about 10:00 am. Honey hadn't been off the farm much and since our farm is secluded, down a gravel road, she was definitely not used to traffic! Also I had not had a chance to work with her on leash. We have been working on sit, down, stay, even healing beside me but none of it on leash! Definitely my bad! The clinic at Strafford is right on the outer road, right beside the highway. The moment I got Honey out of the car she was freaked out! Sensory overload to the max! She wasn't about to walk on the leash so I had to take her by the collar and the scruff of the neck and practically carry her to the door. Then I couldn't get her in the door! Finally someone came and opened the door for us and helped me get her in the 🚪 door! So then I half walked, half carried her to the front desk! I was standing there holding her leash, explaining to the tech what we were there for. The I heard laughter behind me and there was my Honey way behind me having a conversation with the people sitting in the waiting room and their dogs. (Honey is very friendly and outgoing) I was standing there holding an empty leash and collar. ( you had to be there but it was funny!) I had no clue until I turned around! The tech was so nice and professional. He suggested that maybe we could take Honey right back and that would free up my hands! Technically my hands we already free since I was holding an empty leash! I said sure and sat down to fill out paperwork! It was truly an amazing place! People were coming and going with their well bred, in some cases Champion Dogs. They were bringing them in for all kinds of reasons but it all had to do with reproduction! No spay nueter notices here! I had to wait about 46 min to get results on Honey's test. They told me that she was pretty far along in her ovulation cycle and the tech said that he felt like she had a 50/50 chance of breeding! He had already asked what our breeding plan was for Honey and I had told him that we were taking her to Illinois for a natural breeding. Since we had so far to go and the breeding fee was high he said they could do one more test that would tell us for certain. They did the test and came back in and said, "Go, get on the road now!" I said, "what?" The tech said, "Go now! She's still ovulating but she has to be bred tonight and in the morning. Go, get on the road!" At that point I was laughing but also very relieved that we hadn't missed our window. So Honey and I loaded up and stopped at a McDonald's for a burger and a potty break for each

Of us. She always gets lots of attention when we go through the drive through! Then we headed back home! We still had a 2 hour drive to get back home and our day was not done!

For any dog breeder in the general Southwest Mo area I highly recommend the Strafford

Vet Clinic in Stafford MO! I have never been treated with so much respect as a breeder. The are very professional, do all their lab work in house and are very successful in breeding hard to breed animals. They are also very kind and cheerful! Gotta stop for now! I will finish this story in a bit! FG Farm Girl

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