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The Roots of my life go back as far as my Great Grandfather.  Gardening is a gene that has been passed down in my family from generation to generation.  It serves as a metaphor for life.  Deep strong roots keep you firmly grounded in tradition, passion and happiness!

For years, I have served as a helpful role to those seeking inspiration, help, or advice. In 2020,  I finally decided to own that role and be intentional about it. I started writing about my passions, my thoughts, and curious wonderings about our society. I founded A farm girls life! with a mission to give others a taste of what goes on in my mind, and it has been a wild success ever since.

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Autism Spectrum Disorder

Updated: Oct 18, 2020

Autism,Autistic,Highly Functioning Autism,Attachment Disorder . Have you heard of it? There are a lot of adults and children who suffer from this. As a parent or Grandparent you might recognize that something is off but you just can't figure out what. . I am here to tell you that I understand. I have been there, watching my child do things that I just didn't understand and I had no idea how to help. . I am by no means an autism specialist but I have learned a few things in the last 20 years! In the first place I had no idea how to get my child help! I didn't know what to do and when things went south, I blamed myself. . I thought that I had failed as a parent! It took me a long time to figure out that I hadn't failed him. Still I wish I could have done more.

So I think what I would like to do with this post is provide parents with links to information and products that might be helpful in your journey with your child. Whereever they are on the Autism spectrum. . I do have to tell you that as an affiliate marketer I do make an income on any product you might buy off this page!

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